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How to measure my single-page websites and apps with Piwik PRO?

May 22, 2018

Many modern websites are made as a Single Page Applications (SPA). Standard Piwik PRO Javascript tracking code won’t be able to track the movement of visitors on such pages as data is normally sent to Piwik PRO on page reload, which rarely happens in SPA. That’s why it’s a good idea to set up some virtual pageviews whenever content on your website is modified by the actions of visitors. Piwik PRO Tag Manager has you completely covered in this matter. All you need to do is choose the Virtual Pageview tag from the predefined tags list, by clicking the plus icon under the “Tags” tab in your PPTM.

Next, you’ll need to fill some information that you’ll want to be stored in Piwik PRO:

and configure a trigger that will activate the PageView. The “Click” trigger that is firing whenever the correct click ID is clicked works pretty well in such situation but feel free to experiment with other triggers as well:

And that’s it! just hit the save button, repeat for your other pages and press publish to start tracking page views.

You can check the results in your Pages or Page titles reports.