Actions Reports – Introduction

The shortest way to define an action in Piwik PRO is to say that it’s “every activity of a website’s user recorded (and tracked) by Piwik PRO analytics platform”.

So, what kind of actions can Piwik PRO track?

Well, you can track such actions as: visits, page entrances, pages exits, goal conversions, downloads, keywords and many others that figure into your Key Performance Indicators.

And how are actions measured in Piwik PRO?

The prespecified actions are recorded in Piwik PRO every time the visitor meets the “target,” and the “target” could be visiting a page, downloading a file etc. Once this action is completed, Piwik PRO records and stores this data.

And with this data at your disposal, you can find out which pages or sections your users are most interested in and which need improvement or some other kind of help. Action Reports contain detailed information about all your visitors’ activities on your website and are a great way to start the optimization process on your websites.

Remember: Piwik PRO mainly tracks users who have Javascript enabled. But don’t worry, with Piwik PRO you can still track your visitors without using Javascript, by adding an Image Tracker to your pages, using log analytics or tracking API.

Video Guide – Piwik PRO Action Reports

Be sure to check out our Piwik PRO video training on our YouTube Channel.

Piwik PRO Action Reports:

  • Pages
  • Site Search
  • Outlinks
  • Downloads
  • Events
  • Contents
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