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Piwik PRO allows you to create custom Alerts so you can be notified by email or text message if your performance metrics are out of regular bounds.

Alerts are useful for various reasons. You can use them to monitor your website performance without the need to log into Piwik PRO every day. With the usage of the Alerts, you can check if your web pages, campaigns or Goals are as effective as you expect them to be. Long story short – Alerts help to analyze the success of your website.

You can set up any condition you need in order to trigger the desired alert. You can create an alert for any report generated by Piwik PRO. Most noticeable ones are Visitors Reports (Concurrent Visits, Users, Custom Variables) Visits, Pageviews, Time on page, Actions, Custom Dimensions, Events, Campaigns, Goals, Goal revenue, Funnel metrics and many more!

To define a condition you can select one of the following settings:

  • less, greater than…
  • decreases, increases more than…
  • % decreases, % increases more than…

e.g. You may want to specify a custom Alert if traffic on a webpage will be significantly lower than it usually is, or if the campaign reached expected revenue or traffic. In case you operate an e-commerce you could want to set an Alert to be notified about the drop in purchases. There are almost infinite possible use cases.

To set up a new alert you need to:

1. Go to Analytics Settings -> Alerts

2. Click Create new alert

a) Alert Name
b) Apply to – here you specify which website you want to monitor
c) Period – what period of time will be monitored, it can be a day, week or month
d) Send report to – you can specify email recipients or phone numbers to receive text message alert

Please note that text message service provisioning has to be organized on your end. Piwik PRO supports Clockwork or ASPSMS (to see more take a look here.)

e) Alert Condition – here you specify which reports are going to be monitored and what are the conditions to trigger the Alert

That’s really it! From now on you will be receiving custom Alerts if something really important comes up!

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