All referrer report (classic)

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The all referrer report consists of two reports: the referrer type report and referrer report. Both of these will give you detailed information about visits coming from different sources.

In each of these reports, you will find several metrics:

  • The number of visits.
  • The number of unique visitors.
  • The number of actions per visit.
  • The average time on website.
  • The bounce rate.

Using these metrics, you can better see how people from a certain source behave on your website. The number of visits and visitors will tell you how many people reached your website thanks to that source. The number of actions and average time on a website will show you how engaged people are on your site. And the bounce rate will show you if people just walk in and out, or pay a longer visit to your site.

By analyzing both the number of visits and the bounce rate for each source type, you can tell how successful you are in bringing people to your website.

If you have lots of direct entries, it means people know your brand and want to reach out to you. Lots of people coming from other websites indicate that your brand has plenty of sites recommending you. Many visitors coming from campaigns show that your campaigns are running and engaging people. And lots of people reaching you thanks to search engines indicate that your website is well described for the search algorithm.

However, if you see a high bounce rate for a referrer you should be worried. It usually shows that people were expecting something seeing an ad, a search result, or a link and once they clicked they arrived at a place that is not meeting their needs.

Tip: In all referrer reports, you will find a keyword phrased as “Keyword not defined”. It happens because Google and other search engines don’t share keywords used by people to reach your website. Therefore, about 90 to 93 percent of keywords will not be defined.

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