About Analytics settings (classic)

Analytics classic Some of these options apply only to versions below 13.0.0

For versions above 13.0.0, read these articles: opt-out form and IP masking.

In Analytics (classic), you can adjust options that will apply both for Analytics (classic) and Analytics (new).

To access analytics settings, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Menu > Analytics settings.
  2. Navigate to a section you want to work with.

Here’s a list of available options:

  • Email reports: Here you can schedule and create an email report.
  • Meta sites: Here you can add and manage existing meta sites in Analytics (classic).
  • General settings: Here you can set multi attribution.
  • Privacy settings: Here you can set options that will respect visitor’s privacy.
  • Mobile messaging: Here you can create reports that you’ll receive as SMS on your phone.
  • Click path settings: Here you can set up a click path.
  • Websites settings: Here you can exclude IP addresses from being tracked, exclude the list of URL query parameters from the page report, exclude bots and crawlers.
  • Custom dimensions: Here you can create a new dimension.
  • Widgets: Here you can export your reports to your blog, website, or intranet dashboard.
  • API: All the data in Piwik is available through simple APIs. This plugin is the web service entry point, that you can call to get your Web Analytics data in XML, JSON, PHP, CSV, etc.
  • Custom variables: Here you can see all custom variable slots.
  • Activity log: Here you can see logs of your activities.
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