About annotations in Analytics (classic)

Analytics classic

Annotations can be a powerful tool to help you understand your data. You can easily annotate it in Piwik PRO when you, for instance: change the website design, start new marketing campaign or have a key event.

With annotations, you will be able to tell if any of the events you might want to specify did have an actual impact on your visits and user experience on the web pages!

Annotations allow you to create notes and attach them to certain dates in the past. It is possible to view and edit such annotations on any graph that shows statistics over time in Piwik PRO. For example:

Create an annotation

When you hover over any of the graphs that show data over the time you can see small note icon.

When you click on it it will show you if there are any annotations for the current date. To create a new annotation you can simply click Create a new annotation… or click on the same icon showing up under the dates axis.

Then, enter a note and click Save. The new annotation will be saved.
To modify the annotation you need to click on it and then click Edit…
To delete the annotation you can click Delete…

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