About click path settings (classic)

Analytics classic

In order to configure click path settings, please go to the Analytics Settings menu and then open ClickPath Settings tag.

Click path management

The ClickPath report is available in the ‘Goals’ reports. ClickPath lists the most commonly used sequence of Page URLs followed by visitors who converted a Goal.

To make the ClickPath reports easier to analyse, you may define Content Groups and/or choose to exclude some Pages which are not relevant to the ClickPath report.

Manage content groups

Content Groups let you define rules to group pages together. Grouping related pages together will make the ClickPath report much easier to analyse.

  • If a Page URL matches the Search (Regular expression), then the Page URL will be grouped into a Content Group.
  • Short Description is the name of the Content Group. It is displayed in the ClickPath report itself.
  • Long Description is the description of the Content Group. It is displayed in the tooltip of the Content Group, in the ClickPath report.
  • Manage pages URLs to ignore

    Define which Page URLs should be excluded from the ClickPath report in order to ensure the ClickPath report do not list irrelevant pages.

  • If a Page URL matches the Search (Regular expression), then this Page URL will not appear in the ClickPath report.
  • Note is the (optional) reminder of why this page is excluded. It is only displayed above and not in the ClickPath report.
  • Manage goals

    Define which Goals should be used by ClickPath Plugin.

    Click path settings

    You can also set up the maximum number of elements in the click path.

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