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The Comparison Dashboard allows you to view reported data from up to three different segments all in one place. You can view and compare the most important data from selected segments. The Comparison Dashboard displays the data and information in widgets, just like those found on the main Dashboard. You have the option to either add or remove widgets depending on what data and information you would like to view and compare.

This feature offers scaling, which gives you an accurate view of the data on graphs. It also enables you to see exactly how well various segments are performing against one another by displaying unified numbers on the scale of the graph.

The data and information displayed on the Comparison Dashboard give you deeper insights into various areas of your website, such as: campaigns, referrers, metrics from Internet browsers, operating systems, and much more. You can use this information to make changes that will improve your website, attract more traffic, and increase the number of conversions.


The Compare Segments button will take you to the Comparison Dashboard screen. Selectors are displayed at the top of the screen:

The first two selectors work globally for all compared sites and/or segments

The selectors allow you to compare up to three Piwik websites or segments, or any combination of those two categories.

A Comparison Dashboard report looks like this:

By clicking on the square icon you can add more metrics to the plot. When you hover over the particular section, you will see more options:


  • Can I move and minimize widgets like in the normal Piwik Dashboard?
    Yes, you can. Widgets in the Comparison Dashboard work in an almost identical manner to those in the regular Dashboard.

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