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The download report shows information about all files that people attempted to download from your website. Piwik PRO counts clicks on downloadable files, but it doesn’t know if the file was successfully dowloaded.

Piwik PRO supports tracking downloads for over 70 popular file types.

Here’s the list of all default file extensions in Piwik PRO:

You can change and customize the list of file extensions you’d like to track as file downloads by adding a particular snippet of code:

  • _paq.push([‘setDownloadExtensions’, “specify|me”]); If you want to reduce and limit the extensions. Only the ones specified (you need to insert the extensions in the “specify|me”) will be tracked
  • _paq.push([‘addDownloadExtensions’, “xyz|zw2”]); If you want to add a new file type to track. In the example, clicks on URLs with extensions .xyz and .zw2 will be counted as downloads
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