In the Downloads report, you can see which files your visitors have downloaded from your website. And I don’t mean only the files you have on your “downloads” page, but every other file – an image of the background, of the product etc. Piwik PRO supports tracking downloading over 70 popular file types.

The Downloads report displays data for unique downloads and downloads, but you can also check the Visitor’s Log for each downloaded file and see what actions led to a particular download.

This report could be especially useful if you want to find out if the click path you’ve envisioned for your users to reach the ebook or other file is realistic, or maybe your visitors use a different route and you should optimize your campaign and websites.

It’s useful to know that Piwik PRO counts a download every time a visitor clicks on a link that renders a download. You can customize the extensions of download files to include every extension you want to track. Still, by default a download is automatically tracked when a user clicks on a link that ends with one of the over 70 supported file extensions.

Here’s the list of all default file extensions in Piwik PRO:

You can change and customize the list of file extensions you’d like to track as file downloads by adding a particular snippet of code:

  • _paq.push([‘setDownloadExtensions’, “specify|me”]);If you want to reduce and limit the extensions. Only the ones specified (you need to insert the extensions in the “specify|me”) will be tracked
  • _paq.push([‘addDownloadExtensions’, “xyz|zw2”]);If you want to add a new file type to track. In the example, clicks on URLs with extensions .xyz and .zw2 will be counted as downloads
  • Important tip: Piwik PRO Downloads Report tracks all that data automatically while other web analytics solutions need additional implementations or even have to resort to using events tracking.

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