Exclude visitors from Piwik PRO

There are situations when you want to avoid tracking some visitors in Piwik PRO. There are couple of ways to go around it. In order to access settings mentioned below, please follow these steps:

  1. Click on your user name in the top right corner of your PPMS.
  2. From a dropdown menu choose ‘Analytics Settings
  3. Go to ‘Settings‘ under ‘Websites‘ section.

Filtering-out by IP address

If you want to exclude traffic coming from a particular IP address or even an IP range in ‘Global list of Excluded IPs‘ section. There you will be able to type the IP address or range. Simply enter the list of IPs, one per line, that you wish to exclude from being tracked by Piwik. You can also use wildcards, eg. 1.2.3.* or 1.2.*.*

Global list of Query URL parameters to exclude

It happens very often that websites use URLs query parameters that are irrelevant to your data reports (unique ID, meaningless parameter). In PPMS you can very exlude a number of parameters from the URLs very easily – this way you will be able to prevent them from appearing in the Actions Reports. To do it, go to ‘Global list of Query URL parameters to exclude’ section in ‘Global websites settings‘. Now you simply have to enter the list of URL Query Parameters, one per line, to exclude from the Page URLs reports. Regular expressions such as /^sess.*|.*[dD]ate$/ are suported.

Note: Piwik PRO will automatically exclude the common session parameters (phpsessid, sessionid, …).

Filtering-out by user agent

Similarly to the IP block, you can block specific user agents from being tracked. The input field for user-agents is right below the Global list of Query URL parameters to exclude block mentioned in the paragraph above. If you would like to exclude the agent only for single website you’ll need to first check a box located below the global field (see screenshot below).

Tip: If the visitor’s user agent string contains any of the strings you specify, the visitor will be excluded from Piwik. You can use this to exclude some bots from being tracked.

Page URL fragments tracking

If the checkbox above is unchecked, Page URL fragments (everything after the #) will be removed when tracking: example.org/index.html#first_section will be tracked as example.org/index.html

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