Exporting Data from Piwik PRO

There are times when you might need to retrieve data from Piwik, for example to use it in a different tool or present it in a document. Piwik PRO Cloud offers three methods to do that!

Downloading report data

Almost every report and widget in Piwik offers a possibility of exporting data in following formats: CSV, TSV, XML, Json, Php, RSS.
In order to export data locate the export button at the bottom of the report:

If you can see the button, it may be hidden, to show it click the expand button.

Clicking the export button will expand a choice of formats available for download. Click the format you like to start download.


More advanced but also more powerful method of retrieving data from Piwik PRO Cloud is by using Piwik PRO API. All of the available API methods can be found in your instance Account Settings (top left corner Menu of your Piwik PRO) under the API tab

First thing you will require is the authentication token. It is located at the top of the API page and is unique for every Piwik user. You should never share this token with anyone as it gives full access to your account and is equal to your password and login.

Next thing you’ll need to do is choosing the right method for your needs. Check the documentation as well as examples of each call available on the page to decide what will best suit your requirements.

Here’s an example of API call broken down to parameters:

  • First line is always the same as it defines your Piwik PRO Cloud domain as well as the fact that we’re using the
  • Next is the name of the method mentioned above.
  • In the third line idSite parameter defines the website that the call will be made for. Every website in your Piwik has its own unique ID number, you can find them in the Administration menu under the Websites tab.
  • Fourth line defines a period of data that will be checked, available periods are: day, week, month, range.In the fifth line there is a date field which specifies the time of the above period.
  • Sixth line is the format that you want the data in.
  • At the end there is an authentication token mentioned above.
  • This is just a sample of API call that can be made, feel free to explore the documentation in your Piwik PRO Cloud to learn more. If you’ll have any problems with the call, feel free to contact Piwik PRO Cloud support at support@piwik.pro

    Database dump

    In some cases pulling single reports might not be enough and you might require a complete database dump of your Piwik PRO Cloud instance. To get it, ask support@piwik.pro or use the communicator in your instance lower right corner. You should receive the database dump in a workday in most cases.

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    Technical Support

    If you have any questions, drop us a line at support_SPC@piwik_SPC.pro.

    We’re happy to help!