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With Funnels, you can also use another premium functionality of Piwik PRO called Comparison Dashboard, which lets you easily view up to three segments or pages side-by-side.

To set up Comparison Dashboard, chose the “Comparison” option on your Piwik PRO dashboard, then choose the funnels you want to compare from your widgets menu. Don’t forget to segment the funnels correctly by choosing the tracked website, time period and/or segment of visits.

The Comparison Dashboard gives you a clear visual representation of your funnel report. You can easily sort out and segment those groups you want to compare with the general report, or with each other. Comparison Dashboard lets you do it quickly and effortlessly.

This side-by-side report will help you compare how different groups are reaching your goal. Choose particular segments and see differences in every group’s conversion rate. The Comparison Dashboard can give you a lot of illuminating insights – just choose the right segments to compare. A few good examples are:

  • Different web browsers A big difference in conversion rates depending on the browser your visitors choose can indicate that there is an issue with how a certain page is being displayed by this browser.
  • Different devices Again – a high exit rate on a certain device can point to a problem with a website’s performance, but you can also learn how your visitors prefer to complete the goal (eg. they mostly buy using a tablet, they subscribe to your newsletter using a mobile version of your page).
  • Visits from different countries Find out which visitors reach your goal particularly well, and which have a high drop-off rate. This information can help you change your marketing campaign and focus more on the countries where you have the best conversion rate or the biggest number of visits, but also the highest exit numbers.
  • Visits from campaigns or different sources (eg. Facebook vs. direct entry)The more you customize your segment, the more precise data you’ll get. By choosing to compare campaigns or refers, you can analyze the effectiveness of your campaigns, of your social media marketing, or lack thereof.

Tip: Think about creating segments which will give you precisely the information you need to optimize your website and increase conversion rates. It all starts from asking the right questions.

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