Overview report in visitor reports (classic)

Analytics classic

The overview report is the first report in visitor reports. It displays basic visitors’ information.

You can choose how many different metrics are plotted by clicking on the line graph icon located under Evolution over the period.

By hovering on Visits over time you can export the graph and add notes.

Below the graph, there is a summary of the key overview metrics presented as sparklines.

Here are metrics used in this report:

  • Visit: A single session of a visitor browsing the website. It counts until they become inactive or visit a page for more than 30 minutes. If a visitor comes to your website for the first time, it will be counted as a new visit.
  • Unique visitor: Someone who accesses the website and is uniquely identified by a first-party cookie. If for some reason the visitor can’t accept the cookie (if they have disabled, blocked or deleted cookies), the IP and browser configuration will be used. A visitor identification cookie is valid for 13 months (configurable). Each visitor is only counted once, even if they visit the website multiple times a day.
  • Average visit duration: The average time visitors have spent on the website, measured between their first and last action (e.g. page view, download, outlink click) during a visit.
  • Bounce rate: The percentage of visits that only had a single page view. This means, that the visitor ‘bounced’ and left the website directly from the page they entered on.
  • Pageviews: The number of times a given page was loaded.
  • Unique pageviews: It is a subset of pageviews, which excludes multiple views of the same page during one visit.
  • Downloads: States how many times any of the files available on the website was downloaded.
  • Unique download: It is a subset of downloads, which excludes multiple downloads of the same file during one visit.
  • Outlinks: Refers to how many times any link to an external website was clicked.
  • Unique outlink: It is a subset of outlinks, which excludes multiple clicks on the same link during one visit.
  • Max. actions in one visit: The maximum number of actions (i.e. page views, downloads or outlinks clicks) performed during a single visit.
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