About privacy settings (classic)

Analytics classic This option applies only to versions below 13.0.0

For versions above 13.0.0, read these articles: opt-out form and IP masking.

In Analytics (classic), you can adjust privacy options that will apply both for Analytics (classic) and Analytics (new).

To change privacy settings, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Menu > Analytics settings.
  2. Navigate to Privacy.
  3. Adjust the following settings and click Save.
Privacy settings in Analytics (classic).
  • Anonymize Visitors’ IP addresses: By default, Piwik PRO masks two last bytes of a visitor’s IP address. This may make data about location inaccurate, but it’ll be a fair option if you choose to be respectful to your users’ privacy. However, if you want to select other options such as one or three-bite masking, or full anonymization, you’re free to do that.
  • The masked characters of the IP address appear as zeroes on the IP addresses in the reports. Depending on the masking option you choose, you will see an IP address like that:,, or

  • Support Do Not Track preference: Visitors, who don’t want to be tracked by websites, enable a do-not-track setting in their browser. In that case, the browser will send a do-not-track request to websites and apps. Such a request may be respected or ignored by a website or app.
  • By default, Piwik PRO respects a do-not-track option and doesn’t record visits from users who don’t want to be tracked. Yet, you can change this setting if you wish to.

  • Piwik opt-out for your visitors: If you’re not using Consent Manager to collect and manage visitor consents for being tracked, you can use the opt-out form that will give the visitor a choice to opt out from tracking. This mechanism is not compliant with the GDPR, and if you run your website in countries regulated by the GDPR, it’s better to use Consent Manager. For more, read: Let visitors opt out from tracking.
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