Privacy Settings

In order to configure Privacy Settings, please go to the Analytics Settings menu and then open Privacy tag.

On this page, you can customize Piwik to make it privacy compliant with existing legislations, by: anonymizing the visitor IP, automatically remove old visitor logs from the database, and providing an Opt-out mechanism for your website.

Anonymize Visitors’ IP addresses

Anonymize the last byte(s) of visitors IP addresses to comply with your local privacy laws/guidelines. Select “Yes” if you want Piwik PRO not to track fully qualified IP-Addresses.

Masking bytes of the visitors’ IPs

Geolocation will have approximately the same results with 1 byte anonymized. With 2 bytes or more, Geolocation will be inaccurate.

Using the Anonymized IP addresses when enriching visits

Plugins such as Geo Location via IP and Provider improve visitor’s metadata. By default these plugins use the anonymized IP addresses. If you select ‘No’, then the non-anonymized full IP address will be used instead, resulting in less privacy but better data accuracy

Support Do Not Track preference

Do Not Track is a technology and policy proposal that enables users to opt out of tracking by websites they do visit, including analytics services, advertising networks, and social platforms.

Piwik PRO opt-out for your visitors

Piwik PRO is dedicated to providing privacy on the Internet. To provide your visitors with the choice of opting-out of Piwik PRO Web Analytics, you can add the following HTML code on one of your website page, for example in a Privacy Policy page.

<iframe style="border: 0; height: 200px; width: 600px;" src=""></iframe>

This code will display an Iframe containing a link for your visitors to opt-out of Piwik by setting an opt-out cookie in their browsers.

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