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That is the mantra of modern marketing and data analysis. Everyone wants to get their hands on as much data as possible and as soon as possible.

Part of the beauty of data analytics with Piwik PRO is that you have access to real-time data right on the Dashboard, making it easier to adjust quickly and refine targeting on the fly.

Real-time data on the dashboard

To take advantage of real-time data in Piwik PRO, you will want to display it on your Dashboard. To do this, you should add the Live! widget to your Dashboard layout.

Under the Add a widget menu, you can choose the Live! option and select one or more of the following to add to your display:

  • Real-time map,
  • Visitor log,
  • Real-time visitor count,
  • Visitors in real-time,
  • Visitor profile,
  • Live concurrent visits,

If you want to access a real-time counter of visitors currently on your website, please go to the Analytics Dashboard and add the widget “Live! -> Real Time Visitor Count”. The Real Time Visitor Count widget displays a number of people currently on the website.

The Visitor Log, Visitors in real-time and Visitor profile provide you with the most in-depth information about what is going on with visitors on your sites.

These displays are automatically updated to show the latest information for the last 30 minutes and the last 24 hours. You can also choose to refresh them manually by clicking on the refresh button at the top of each widget window.
**PRO tip** Depending on what you want to achieve with your real-time analytics, you might consider creating one Dashboard with only real-time data. You can then easily compare your current data with data from a different period of time or from a different site.

Real-time data in external tools

Yes, having real-time data at your fingertips is cool – and viewing it in the Piwik PRO Dashboard is a great way to track visitors as they arrive on your site(s).

But what if you want to use this data elsewhere? Good question!

The Real-time API has you covered.

Real-time API

Connecting to the Piwik PRO real-time API allows your analytics data such as visitor logs, or all records for specific days or time range to be queried from third-party tools.

This can be especially helpful if you are wanting to integrate your data with an e-commerce platform, a CRM database or other tool. Combined with the real-time data from Piwik PRO, you suddenly get a lot more insights into your customers, their activities and their engagement with your site and brand.

Piwik PRO by default is set to have a 3 minutes delay to process the number of visitors who are currently on the website. You can configure this value in the config.ini.php file, let’s say we want to set it up for 5 minutes:

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