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Analytics classic

With the Real-time Visitor Map, you can view where your website traffic is coming from in real-time. The map is available in the Visitors > Real-time Map.

Each bubble represents a Visitor and they are refreshed every 5 seconds. New visitors appear on the map with a flashing effect. The bigger and brighter the bubble, the more recent the visit. The older the visit, the smaller and darker the color of the bubble.

When you hover over a visitor bubble, you will see a tooltip with a summary of this visit, including information on their local time, number of actions, software, device and type of referral:

And when you click on a visitor bubble, that visitor’s profile pops up:

When you click on a particular region of the world or a country, you can zoom in and better see details of visits in that specific place:

You can also add it as a widget on your analytics dashboard – click on the Widgets & Dashboard > Live! > Real-time Map :

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