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A graph showing the evolution of your website statistics over time is one of the most popular types of the report in Piwik PRO.

But did you know that you can open the row evolution for each of the pages on your website separately, or even compare multiple pages on such report?

Read this guide to learn about this hidden but very useful feature!

To open the Row evolution visit any of the Action / Pages report (Pages, Entry Pages, Exit Pages, Page Titles)

Next, locate the page that you’re interested in and hover over it to show additional buttons. Click the Open Row Evolution button.

You should now see a row evolution report for the selected page.

You can use the export buttons to download the report in any of the available formats:

You can also annotate any important events in the same way as you would on a regular evolution graph. The annotation will be visible on all of the graphs.

By switching the number of periods in the bottom right corner of the graph you can fit more or less of them in a single screen:

What differs this row evolution from other evolution graph is the section below the main report.

You can click each of the sparkline charts below to change a displayed metrics.

By using SHIFT + Click on the sparklines you can add multiple metrics to the chart

Finally, you can compare multiple pages on a single chart by clicking this button at the bottom:

The button will close the window and allow you to open Row evolution for another page.

The new report will contain both pages on the same chart and will allow you to add even more using the above method (up to 6 pages at once)

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