Software report (classic)

Analytics classic

This group of reports contains information on your visitors’ software:

  • Operating system versions: Operating system, including the specific version, visitors have installed.
  • Browsers: The name of browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.)
  • Browser version: The specific version of a browser, so Chrome 61 is listed separately from Chrome 60, for example
  • Browsers engines: Shows browser engines, not the same as brower. This is key for developers to see what kind of rendering engine their users have installed. Each label contains the name of the engine followed by the the most common browser using that engine.
  • Browser plugins: This report lists browser plugins your visitors have enabled. It can help you to select the right mode for your content delivery.
  • Configurations: This report lists the most common configurations your visitors have, i.e. specifying their combination of operating system, browser type and screen resolution.

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