Transition report (classic)

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The transition report displays actions that your visitors made before and after visiting a certain page.

This report can be launched for page or page title reports. To open it you just need to click on the icon on the right side of the website’s URL.

The box in the center represents a particular page. The transitions on the left give you more insights into particular sources of the incoming traffic, and on the right – insights into outgoing traffic.

The size of the particular lines leading to the center of the box is proportional to the amount of traffic that was taken through this route.

You can interact with the specific groups of actions by clicking their title or the corresponding line. Also, this report can show you a bunch of additional information in the tooltip once you move your mouse around the reports. Once you click the pages under From internal Pages and To Internal Pages you can reload the report for a different page.

To navigate through the whole report you can use the browser’s back and forward buttons. You can also share the link to the report. It’s all because of the Transitions pop-up being the part of the URL.

The left side of the report displays where did the users come from:

  • From Internal Pages – visitors came to the certain page from other internal pages on your website. This might have happened through the links in the content or the navigation. After clicking on it you will see more details.
  • From Search Engines – shows you how many people came from external search engines directly to the certain page. Click on the group to expand it and see the specific keywords that were used.
  • From Websites shows you which external websites linked directly to the certain page. You can expand this group as well by clicking on it in order to see the links that referred visitors to the page.
  • From Campaigns – shows you how many visitors came from a specific campaign when entering on a certain page.
  • From Internal Searches lists the keywords that your visitors searched for on your Internal Search engine, and then clicked to the page (you can read more about the site search here).
  • Direct Entries shows visits that started on this page, i.e. the visitor used the page as a landing page.

In the center, there are general statistics about the page you launched transitions on.

  • Here you can find the information about the incoming and outgoing traffic
  • The first number is the number of page views for this specific page. You can hover the number to see the share of all page views.
  • There will also be a number of page reloads here. It means that the visitors were loading the page multiple times in a row.
  • You can also hover the other numbers to see the share of the groups.

The right side shows what users did after visiting the page in the center.

  • To Internal Pages – it means that the visitors went to a different page on your website after their visit to the certain page.
  • Internal Searches shows you all the keywords that the visitors started searching for, when they were on the certain page.
  • Downloads and Outlinks – when users Download some file or click on the Outlink on the page, this is shown in the groups.
  • Exits lists all the visits that ended on this page, e.g. no more actions were tracked for the visitor.
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