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The visitor log report allows you to see all the visits on your site, and browse through these visits to check on sessions of individual users. With access to user-level reporting, you can obtain a deeper understanding of your visitors by summarizing and listing what they were looking for or which pages they looked at before converting.

By clicking Next at the bottom of the page you can access earlier visits on a given day or visits from different times by changing the date in the calendar in the top toolbar.

Visitor Log presents the latest visits within the selected date range. If you hover over the date of the visit, you will see when they last visited or if they are a new visitor. If the data range includes today, you can see your visitors in real-time. The Visitor Log data is always live, even if you archive with a cron scheduler.

The Visitor Log shows the same data as the Live! Widget, including any custom variables you may have set. It doesn’t refresh automatically, but you can reload the page to see the latest visits.

The report will be populated with:

  • Date and time of the visit;

  • IP (shortened accordingly to your settings);

  • An information if the entry was direct or through some referrer;

  • An information if it’s a returning visitor or first time visitor;

  • The country, region and city of origin and browser language of a given visitor

  • Browser, browser engine and plugins of a given visitor;

  • Operating system of a given visitor;

  • Device type, brand and resolution if possible to differentiate;

  • Actions performed by a given visitor;

  • Time of each action performed;

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