Adding an Audience

Creating an audience is an easy process. First you need to define attributes, or traits for your audience. Then, Audience Manager will select profiles of people who have those traits and group them into an audience. This way, you will have database of profiles ready to be retargeted in marketing campaigns or used for other purposes.

To create an Audience, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Menu > Audience Manager.
  2. Click a Create New Audience button.
  3. Name the audience.
  4. Adding a name for a new audience
  5. Set up conditions for your audience by dragging and dropping Attributes and Events from the right-side menu.
  6. Unless you define conditions, the audience will show zero profiles. As you set up conditions the number of profiles will show up in a real time.

Setting up a new audience

Things to know

Most of attributes are attribute name and its value. All values are a string and numerical type.

The Event attributes are as follows:

  • Form_submitted_id – when selected, you have to provide form ID as a value and that condition will filter profiles to those who submitted a form with that ID
  • Form_submitted_url – when selected, you have to provide the URL of the page where it’s embedded and it will filter profiles to those who submitted a form under the given URL. It doesn’t matter how many forms are on the page, if visitor submitted any of them, it is recorded as a submission under that URL.
Adding event attributes for audiences

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