Add parameters to web logs

The Web Log Analytics script does not track static files (JS, CSS, images, etc.). It also excludes all bot traffic.

Use the following commands to enable tracking of these elements:

  • –enable-bots This enables tracking of search/spam bots via Piwik. Just add a custom variable with the bot’s name. The User-agent field is examined to determine whether a log line comes from a bot or a real user.
  • –enable-static Specifies tracking of all static files (images, JS, CSS) in Piwik PRO.
  • –enable-http-redirects This tracks HTTP redirects as page views, with a custom title and custom variable.
  • –enable-reverse-dns Activates reverse DNS, which is used in generating the Visitors > Providers report. NOTE: this may lead to a serious drop in performance as reverse DNS is very slow.
  • –recorders=N Sets a specific number of threads. We recommend matching it to the number of CPU cores in the system.
  • –recorder-max-payload-size=N The importer uses the Piwik PRO bulk tracking feature in order to boost speed. Adjust the number of pageviews (or log lines) to see what generates the best performance.
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