Exclude log lines

There are several methods allowing you to exclude particular log lines or visitors from being tracked:

  • You can exclude specific IP addresses or IP ranges from being tracked. To configure excluded IPs, log into Piwik as a superuser, then click Administration > Websites.
  • Excluding lines from specific IP or IP ranges – this can be done the same way as in the default tracking method in Piwik (by adding an excluded IP or IP range in the Administration -> Websites menu)
  • You can exclude visitors based on their User Agent HTTP headers by using–useragent-exclude
  • You can also provide a sole hostname that you would like to import from. This means that all the logs from other hosts will be ignored. The parameter allowing this is:–hostname=”<host>”
  • It is also possible to exclude specific log lines where the URL path matches a particular URL path. See the option–exclude-path=”path”

If you need to add multiple paths or hostnames, you will need to add these parameters multiple times.

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