How can I comply with applicable data protection laws?

Data protection laws are springing across the world. Over 80 countries have already constructed regulations, and your website needs to comply with those rules. In the European Union, we’ve got a well-known GDPR. In the USA, there are several laws, including HIPAA. In Great Britain, there’s a Data Protection Act 1998.

It takes a qualified lawyer to prepare and apply a legal policy for your website. What we can do is give you several options for safeguarding visitor’s data and comply with applicable laws.

Here are privacy options in Piwik PRO:

  • Consent Manager: This module was designed to comply with a GDPR law. It lets you (1) collect and manage visitor’s consents to data collection and tie consents with data usage and (2) gives you means to collect and manage data subject requests. For more, read: About Consent Manager .
  • GDPR compliance: This option integrates Consent Manager with Tag Manager. When it’s turned on, each visitor is asked for consent before any data is collected, and any tag is fired. For more, read: Turn on or off GDPR compliance.
  • Anonymize visitors’ IP addresses: With this option, you can choose to respect your users’ privacy by masking their IP addresses. For more, read: About privacy settings (classic).
  • Respect do-not-track setting: When a visitor sets a do-not-track option in their browser, the browser will send a request to Piwik PRO. If this option is turned on, Piwik PRO will respect this request. For more, read: About privacy settings (classic).
  • Let visitors opt out from tracking: This simplified widget allows your visitors to choose not to be tracked by Piwik PRO. Although, this mechanism is not compliant with GDPR some organizations still choose to enable it instead of a proper consent mechanism. For more, read: Let visitors opt out from tracking.
  • Disable cookies for visitors: This option lets you disable cookies used for tracking. Use it carefully because it greatly affects data collection. For more, read: How can I disable cookies for visitors?
  • Choose the hosting method: When using our tool, you can choose a place where your data is hosted. Some countries require you to keep data in their area.

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