Better together: content personalization and customer data platform

Let’s say we’re a bank looking for cross-selling and up-selling opportunities. We have products and services we think our customers want, but they don’t know enough about them. We need a targeted on-site campaign.

We have branches in Los Angeles where the city is offering new incentives for small business loans. Many of our customers would qualify so we want directly tell those interested about the program.

We first need to create an appropriate audience in the Piwik PRO Customer Data Platform (CDP). We’ll start with broad criteria and include all visitors from LA who have searched for “business loan”.

As we add conditions, we’ll see roughly how big the audience will be. If we add a condition that is too restrictive or has an incorrect value, we’ll see this right away.

Once we’re happy, we can save our work, open Content Personalization and create an appropriate pop-up.

Then we need to create a trigger which will show it just to our target audience.

We’ll assign it to fire as returning users arrive at their dashboard.

After this we click “Publish” and our pop-up will be live. The audience will update over time automatically as different users search for “business loan.”

We can also change our audience at will. If we have external data from a customer relationship management platform, we can import it to CDP. Say we have information from a recent survey about which products and services customers said interested them. We can then expand our audience with this richer data set.

Go Further with Content Tracking and Conversion Funnels

We’ll eventually want to know how our pop-up is performing. A great place to start is with Web Analytics Content Tracking.

However, to really wrap our heads around the effectiveness of our campaign, we’ll need a conversion funnel. We want to know what happens after our customers click on the link. Do they fill out the whole loan application? Is the application approved by the city? The best way to answer such questions is a conversion funnel with each important step of the process included.

Healthy analytics

Providing information to the audience that finds it the most valuable can be useful in any industry. Let’s look at one more example from healthcare.

Our organization, a healthcare provider, has conducted extensive surveys on customer satisfaction. In particular we notice, through an analysis of this data set, that a certain group of people embrace the idea of telemedicine while another group is annoyed just hearing about it.

We import the survey data into CDP

and create an audience of those who are receptive to the idea. Then in Content Personalization we can create banners across the secure member area plus a pop-up when a member goes to make an appointment.

As with the banking example, we’ll want to carefully analyze the results of our on-site campaign. A conversion funnel will show us conversion rates at each step of any appointment scheduling process, beyond just simple click-through rates on banners or pop-ups.

Privacy options

Both these examples are about industries that deal with sensitive data. Depending on your setup and location, this could be a big or just minor concern. Either way, keep in mind that Piwik PRO provides you all the options you need to be compliant and respect user privacy.

If you have any technical issues or questions about privacy and compliance issues for a specific case, be sure to let us know.

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