Track a website and consolidate web data with your CRM

There are situations when you would like to be able to see your CRM details for the website Visitors. In the majority of the cases, this is possible only in situations where website Visitors are logging in. That allows website Owner to identify them in the CRM.

Let’s take a look at how to do it step-by-step:

1. The whole association of CRM data to an Analytics Visitor Profile takes place when Visitor is logging in.

2. Then login in form of open text or encrypted value shall be transported as UserID.

3. Other CRM details can be stored as Custom Variables or Custom Dimensions – depending on the use case.

4. Define Custom Dimensions or check available Custom Variable slots for each of the attributes.

  • Create Custom Dimensions or note the Custom Variable slots respectively.

5. Define Tag Manager Variables (IMPORTANT: Please note that the Custom Variables ARE NOT the same thing as Tag Manager Variables) for:

  • UserID;
  • One Tag Manager Variable per each attribute you want to map from CRM

6. Point each Variable created in point 5 as mapped in Piwik PRO Tracking Template – using {{x}} button next to input fields.

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