Differences between Standalone and Analytics Suite API

Piwik PRO Analytics came out equipped with an extensive base of API methods allowing the user to completely control their account via API. With no user interface. Due to some structural changes of Piwik PRO Analytics Suite, some adjustments have also been done to the API. They include:

User manager: All of the user manager methods have been removed due to the fact that Piwik PRO Analytics Suite users are shared between all of the suite assets. Because of that, a new user API has been introduced. To learn more, read New users API

Website manager: Similarly to the user manager methods this one has also been removed due to the fact that they are shared between all Piwik PRO Analytics Suite components. A new API has been added. For more, read Apps API.

Note: Websites are now called apps in the API, however they still work the same.

Unfortunately, since the new API uses a different mechanism its calls cannot be combined with each other, for example, a bulk request.

Additionally, the following API modules have been removed from the Piwik PRO Analytics Suite, as their functionalities no longer exist in Piwik PRO Analytics Suite:

  • CloudAdmin
  • ExampleAPI
  • ExamplePlugin
  • Feedback
  • Integration
  • PlatformsReport
  • RawDataExporter
  • TrafficGenerator
  • UserGroups
  • WhiteLabel
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