Differences between the STS and LTS version of Piwik PRO

Piwik PRO On-premise is available in two versions: STS (short-term support) and LTS (long-term support). The STS version is updated whenever the new release of Piwik PRO appears. The LTS version is updated once a year to the latest version of Piwik PRO. Because of this update schedule, the STS and LTS versions are different: 

  • The current version of the LTS is 9.0.5.
  • The current version of the STS is 12.0.0.

Here’s a brief overview of those variations.


Feature STS LTS
Add permissions for modules
Add meta sites
Add a user group
Japanese user interface
Exclude IPv6 addresses from tracking


Feature STS LTS
Schedule an email report
Set an email alert
Group dimension values
User flow report
Session log report

Tag Manager

Feature STS LTS
History change trigger for tracking single-page applications (SPAs)
Import and export snapshots
Custom pop-up tag and custom content tag
Copy tags, triggers, and variables between websites
Customize the name of dataLayer

Consent Manager

Feature STS LTS
New button on the forms: “Reject all data uses”
Custom openConsentForm method
Consent Manager available to user accounts with a user level with the following permissions: view, edit, edit & publish, manage

Audience Manager

Feature STS LTS
Store more than one value in one text type attribute
New API endpoint that lets you use identifiers to search for a specific profile
API endpoint with an additional history_count field

For more about each version, see our changelog.

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