Differences between Piwik PRO Cloud, Private Cloud and On-premises

Piwik PRO is available in three versions Cloud, Private Cloud, and On-premises. The Cloud and Private Cloud version is updated whenever the new release of Piwik PRO appears. The On-premises version is updated once a year to the latest version of Piwik PRO. Because of this update schedule, current versions are different:

  • Piwik PRO Cloud and Private Cloud: 15.5.0
  • Piwik PRO On-premises: 15.1.2

Here is a list of the main differences.


Feature Cloud & Private Cloud On-premises
Quick data export from Analytics to Tableau
Unsubscribe link in emails sent as scheduled reports and alerts
New dimensions: Visitor ID, Cookie ID, Session goals, Gclid
New consent statistics under Analytics > Reports > Consent.
Piwik PRO site inspector, a new extension for Chrome that shows a heatmap, clickmap and scrollmap for your site. Read more
Tableau integration that lets you quickly export raw analytics data from Piwik PRO to Tableau. Read more

Tag Manager

Feature Cloud & Private Cloud On-premises
The history change (SPA) trigger has a new option: Wait 1 second before firing the tag.
Feature Cloud & Private Cloud On-premises
Consent forms are available in Dutch, English, Finnish, German, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish. You can add other languages manually.


Feature Cloud & Private Cloud On-premises
Added the enableCookies method to the tracker.


Feature Cloud & Private Cloud On-premises
Now it’s easier to set up your data collection with respect to visitor privacy. Read more
You can now use our platform also in Dutch and French.

For more about each version, see our changelog.

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