Differences between Piwik PRO Cloud, Private Cloud and On-premises

Piwik PRO is available in three versions Cloud, Private Cloud, and On-premises. The Cloud and Private Cloud version is updated whenever the new release of Piwik PRO appears. The On-premises version is updated once a year to the latest version of Piwik PRO. Because of this update schedule, current versions are different:

  • Piwik PRO Cloud and Private Cloud: 14.0.0
  • Piwik PRO On-premises: 9.0.5

Here’s a brief list of differences.


Feature Cloud and Private Cloud On-premises
Add permissions for modules
Add meta sites
Add a user group
Japanese user interface
Exclude IPv6 addresses from tracking


Feature Cloud and Private Cloud On-premises
Schedule an email report
Set an email alert
Group dimension values
User flow report
Session log report
Export a dashboard to PDF
Calculated metrics
Google Ads integration
SharePoint integration with dedicated reports

Tag Manager

Feature Cloud and Private Cloud On-premises
History change trigger for tracking single-page applications (SPAs)
Import and export snapshots
Custom pop-up tag and custom content tag
Copy tags, triggers, and variables between websites
Customize the name of dataLayer

Consent Manager

Feature Cloud and Private Cloud On-premises
New button on the forms: “Reject all data uses”
Custom openConsentForm method
Consent Manager available to user accounts with a user level with the following permissions: view, edit, edit & publish, manage

Audience Manager

Feature Cloud and Private Cloud On-premises
Store more than one value in one text type attribute
New API endpoint that lets you use identifiers to search for a specific profile
API endpoint with an additional history_count field

For more about each version, see our changelog.

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