Add a New Pop-up

To add a new pop-up:

  • Log in to your Piwik Pro Marketing Suite application and go to Personalization section – click “Personalization” link in top left Menu.
  • Choose a proper website from the drop-down menu.
  • Click on “Pop-ups” option in Personalization menu.
  • Click on “+ New pop-up” link/ button on pop-ups list on left side.
  • Enter a new pop-up name and confirm by clicking “OK” button.
  • Go into pop-up visual editor by click “Edit” button on the top.

  • Set pop-up status:
  • *active – to make it live after Website’s publication
    *inactive – to make it not live after Website’s publication (it will also won’t be possible to display it in debug mode).

  • Set Flight dates (it’s optional) to schedule when your popup will be live.
  • Add or choose existing triggers. At least one trigger is needed to fire a pop-up.
  • E.g. fire on page scroll = 50%.

    In the trigger’s configuration, you can choose for which audiences this pop-up should be fired.

    11. Click “Save” button if you want to save changes.

    Technical Support

    If you have any questions, drop us a line at

    We’re happy to help!