Pop-ups Overview

To go to the pop-ups section:

  • Log in to your Piwik Pro Marketing Suite application and go to Personalization section – click “Personalization” link in top left Menu.
  • Choose a proper website from dropdown menu.
  • Click on “Pop-ups” option in Personalization menu.
  • In the Pop-ups section you can add pop-ups and define when those pop-ups should be fired based on:

  • visitor’s audience affiliation
  • triggers (e.g. page scroll, page view, time on website, clicks etc.)
  • flight dates (schedule when your popup will be live).
  • You can design and generate pop-up with powerful and easy to use visual editor.

    Each pop-up can be debugged first before publishing it.

    You can also check pop-ups view and click reports.

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