Why is virtual page view important for funnel analytics?

Note: This method works for the older version of Analytics. In the new version, you can create an event-based funnel.

In the older version of Analytics, when you want to use an event as one of the funnel steps, you need to use the virtual page view. It’s because that version of Analytics allows you to track only page-to-page funnels.

So when you want to track a button click, form submission or outlink to an external page — for example the payment site at the end of the buying process — you need to attach a virtual page view to each of these events.

These are the most popular cases in which we use virtual page views.

  • Turning a pop up or push notification into a virtual page view. For example: /pop-up-funnel-step.
  • Turning an external payment gateway not tracked by Piwik PRO tracking code into a virtual page view. For example: /external-payment-gateway.
  • Turning a click on an external link or a dynamic element that does not cause the page to reload, or doesn’t open a file like a PDF into a virtual page view. For example: name-of-the-file.pdf or address-of-the-external-link.

Set up virtual page view

To set up a virtual page view, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Menu > Tag Manager.
  2. Navigate to Tags.
  3. Click + Create new tag.
  4. Name the tag.
  5. Select the Piwik PRO Virtual Page View tag type.
  6. Piwik PRO Virtual Page View tag type.
  7. Add URL, Document title, and Referrer URL that you want see in reports for this virtual page view.
  8. Piwik PRO Virtual Page View setup.
  9. Click + Add new trigger.
  10. Name the trigger.
  11. Select the event type and adjust settings so that the virtual page view is tracked when the event occurs. For example, Fire tag when the click ID contains btn.
  12. Conditions for firing the tag.
  13. When you’re done, click Save for the trigger and Save for the tag.
  14. Click Publish.

After some time, data will be collected and you will be able to see virtual page views in your reports. For example, in the page report (Menu > Analytics > Actions > Pages) or in the page title report (Menu > Analytics > Actions > Page titles).

Page title report with the virtual page view.

For more about event-based funnels in the new Analytics, read: Set Up a Funnel.

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