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Audience Manager helps you collect and combine data from different data sources, create Audiences and use them in other components of Piwik PRO Marketing Suite, as well as to export them to third-party advertising and marketing platforms.

In this article we will take a closer look at the Single Customer Profile. A lot of useful information is tracked automatically and shown in the Profiles browser.

The dashboard may seem a bit overwhelming at first glance, but there is nothing to fear of! It is designed in a way to show all important data on one screen. Let’s briefly discuss every single part of the dashboard in Overview and Attributes sections. In addition, all tables within the sections should be pretty self-explanatory.

On the very left there is a list of all profiles gathered by Audience Manager, once you click on one of them you get to see more detailed information about this particular visitor.

The field above is fully customizable, it shows selected attributes that are assigned to this visitor. If you have created your own Custom Attributes they can be easily shown here, so you will get all necessary information at first glance.

Audience Membership sections show to which audiences this user was assigned ( An audience is a set of profiles that meet certain criteria. In visitor profile, you can see which criteria were met by this particular visitor.

Next, there is a Summary section. If your webpage is an eCommerce platform or you have specified certain revenue to your goals it will show a total revenue in the first box. Next one shows the total time spent on web pages. The last box shows when the first and most recent visit occurred.

The biggest part of the screen takes the Visitor Log, which basically shows the same data as in Visitor Login Analytics, however it shows you 10 most recent visits of this user. There you can check all events, goals or page visits performed by this customer.

Attributes section most of all contains attributes that are assigned to this user, both custom and default ones. In addition, you can check the information about all ids associated with this profile. This whole section allows you to browse through all of them to check all data that was stored by Piwik Pro Marketing Suite.

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