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Analytics for beginners

Analytics for beginners

In this twelve-chapter guide, we'll lead you through the basics of web analytics and the use of our product. We'll show you how to build a solid tracking plan and where to look for useful metrics. Move along and enjoy your read.

Analytics for advanced analysts

Analytics for advanced analysts

In the second guide, we'll show you how to use Analytics and Tag Manager to collect additional information like button clicks or newsletter signups. We'll explain powerful features like goals, user flow, and funnels. Read on and enjoy this guide.

Support articles

Getting started

Learn how to add a website or an app, install a tracking code, add users and user groups, and manage permissions.

Analytics (new)

Learn how to use core reports, custom reports, goals, funnels, user flow, dashboards, and segments in the new Analytics.

Tag Manager

Learn how to set up tags and triggers, create custom variables, use data layer, and more.

Audience Manager

Learn how to build and set up audiences, work with attributes and connect to third-party tools.

Consent Manager

Learn how to collect visitor consents for tracking and remarketing, and manage data subject requests.


Learn how to connect Piwik PRO with tools like Google Ads, Google Search Console, SharePoint, and more.

Advanced solutions

Learn how to use advanced settings in Piwik PRO to adjust tracking and web analytics to your business.


Basic and technical questions and answers about Piwik PRO.

Video tutorials

Learn how to use Piwik PRO by watching video tutorials on YouTube.


Learn how and why to migrate to our better and more powerful product.

Analytics (classic)

Learn how to use Analytics (classic), Analytics (standalone) and Tag Manager (standalone).