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We are here to share our knowledge and expertise in the form of end-user guides, tutorials and practical tips for using Piwik PRO Marketing Suite (Analytics, Tag Manager, Personalization, Audience Manager and Consent Manager)


Get Piwik PRO help to set up, configure and use Analytics. Create, customize and manage dashboards, reports, goals and funnels. Improve the security of your data and comply with the GDPR.


Analytics Settings

Manage and Configure Analytics

Visitors Reports

Action Reports

Referrers Reports


Funnels and ClickPaths

Web Log Analytics

Policies and Data Privacy


Analytics FAQ

Tag Manager

Learn how to install, configure and easily use Tag Manager. Dig into dataLayer documentation. Find out how to set up tags, triggers, and create custom variables.


Design, create, preview, manage and track your pop-ups, banners and ads. Get best practices for running personalization campaigns. Follow the changelog to stay up-to-date with all modifications in Personalization module.


Follow step-by-step guides on integrating Piwik PRO Marketing Suite with external tools.