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Deprecated: Audience Manager is sunsetting and we recommend switching to Customer Data Platform.

The people who visit your website are recognized as visitors with visitor ID and other identifiers like an email, user ID or device ID. Information about the visitor is stored in Audience Manager as a profile and serve as attributes that allow you to build an audience.

In this article, we’ll show you what data you can find in a profile.

Basic information

For each profile, you’ll see the following basic information:

  • Email or visitor ID
  • Customized attributes
  • Total revenue
  • Last revenue
  • Total time
  • Last time
  • First visit
  • Last visit
Profile in Audience Manager.

Session log

For each profile, you’ll see the session log with information about visits. Here you can check what visitor was doing on your website.

Session log in Audience Manager.


For each profile, you’ll find attributes that relate to this visitor. In a glance, you can see whether the profile has a particular attribute or not.

The attributes are grouped into three sections:

  • Identifying attributes
  • Analytics attributes
  • Custom attributes
Attributes in the profile in Audience Manager.


For each profile, you’ll see audiences the visitor belongs to.

Audiences in a profile in Audience Manager.

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