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If you want to track events on Vimeo videos embedded on your site, you need to copy the tracking code from Vimeo, add it to Piwik PRO, and set up events. Note that you can use a Vimeo tracking code only if you’re a Vimeo Business or Vimeo Premium member.

To set up Vimeo video tracking, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Vimeo.
  2. Navigate to Settings Marketing.
  3. In Google Analytics, you’ll see a tracking code.
    Tracking code in Vimeo
  4. Copy the code. You’ll use it in Piwik PRO in a couple of steps.
  5. Log in to Piwik PRO.
  6. Go to Menu > Tag Manager.
  7. Create a Custom asynchronous tag. This tag will be tracking events on Vimeo players embedded on your site.
  8. In Tag code, paste the code copied from Vimeo.
    Vimeo tracking in Piwik PRO
  9. Add an existing trigger: All page views or add and define a new trigger.
  10. Click Save for the tag.
  11. Navigate to Variables.
  12. Create three variables with Data layer type:
    • event_category
    • event_action
    • event_label
    Vimeo tracking in Piwik PRO
  13. Navigate to Tags.
  14. Create a Piwik PRO custom event tag.
  15. You can name it Vimeo tracking event. This tag will send events to Analytics.
  16. Set:
    • Category: {{event_category}}
    • Action: {{event_action}}
    • Name: {{event_label}}
    Vimeo tracking in Piwik PRO

    Tip: These are the variables that you set in step 12.

  17. Click Add new trigger.
  18. Name the trigger and select the following type: Data layer event.
    Vimeo tracking in Piwik PRO
  19. In Data layer event settings, set Event name equals vimeo.
    Vimeo tracking in Piwik PRO
  20. Click OK.
  21. Click Save for the tag.
  22. You can check if tags are working correctly in debug mode.
  23. When you’re happy with your settings, click Publish.

Now Piwik PRO will be tracking events on Vimeo videos embedded on your website. You’ll be able to see tracked data in the custom event report and session log report.

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