About audit log

Available from version 15.0.0

Needed permissions: owner

The audit log shows you how your teammates are using Piwik PRO. With this tool, you’ll know who and when logged in to the platform and made changes in the platform settings, such as added a website or user, changed permissions or global settings and more.

The audit log was designed to help you keep your account secure in line with HIPAA guidelines. It lets you detect suspicious activity as well as uncover how changes made to the platform affected performance. You can easily search all records with filters or export the audit log to a CSV file.

Before you start

Here are some things to know before you look into the audit log:

  • Data in the audit log is kept for six years and includes activities performed by deleted users.
  • You can export the audit log using API. If you need help with that, email us at support@piwik.pro.
  • The audit log tracks changes made in platform settings under Menu > Administration. We plan that in the future, the tool will also record changes made in Analytics (new), Tag Manager, Audience Manager and Consent Manager.

Open the audit log

To access the audit log, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Menu > Administration.
  2. Navigate to Platform.
  3. On the left, click Audit log.
  4. Browse the log.
  5. Audit log in Piwik PRO
  6. To use filters, click Show filters.
  7. Show filters in the audit log in Piwik PRO
  8. To see details of each change, click expanded view.
  9. Show details in the audit log in Piwik PRO

    Note: You’ll see shortened descriptions of user actions pulled from the API call in the detailed view.

  10. To export the audit log, click Export as CSV.
Export the audit log to a CSV file in Piwik PRO

Note: This option will export only logs that you currently see on the screen, not all of them.

See changes made to a specific website

In the audit log, you’ll see changes made to all websites in your account. However, you can filter out one or more websites to check what happened only on them. For that, we’ll use the website ID.

To see changes made to a specific website, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Menu > Administration
  2. Navigate to Websites & apps.
  3. On the left, select the website for which you want to find an ID.
  4. The ID is under the name of your website.
  5. Website ID in Piwik Pro
  6. Copy the ID.
  7. Navigate to Platform.
  8. On the left, click Audit log.
  9. Click Show filters.
  10. Filters in audit log in Piwik Pro
  11. In Subject ID, paste the website ID.
  12. Audit log in Piwik Pro

    Note: You can filter out several websites by pasting all the website IDs.

  13. Click Filter.
  14. View the filtered audit log.
Audit log in Piwik PRO
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