How to track Vimeo videos on your website?

A popular video hosting platform Vimeo, comes equipped with the internal tracker which you can use together with your Piwik PRO. This guide will show you how to do it.

Note: The Vimeo tracker is available for Vimeo Business users only.

Get your vimeo tracker

Your Vimeo tracking code can be found in your Vimeo settings page, under the Marketing Tab. The code will be at the very bottom of the page. Copy it and proceed to your Piwik PRO.

Add the tracker to your website

Open your Tag Manager and create a new tag. Choose a custom asynchronous HTML code as the template, and paste your code into the code box.

You can either use the default All page views trigger to identify and track videos on all of your pages. Or you can create a custom trigger which will fire only on certain pages or under certain circumstances. After assigning the trigger and saving the tag, you’re halfway through!

Create Vimeo variables

Now go to Variables tab and create three new Variables (Data layer type)

The Data Layer Variables should be:

  • event_category
  • event_action
  • event_label

You should end up with your Variables looking like this:

Send data to Piwik PRO Analytics

Now your video tracking is ready and working, all that’s left is to connect it with your Piwik PRO Analytics module.

To do that go back to the tag creation tab and create a new tag with the type Piwik PRO custom event

Fill up the fields with the corresponding Variables that you created in the previous step:

Now add the trigger to your new tag with the Event type. Event should equal vimeo.

That’s it! Remember to save and publish your work and you’re all set. The new video events will be tracked whenever your visitors interact with the videos on your website. You can always see the tracking live in the Visitor log of your Analytics. It is located under Visitors category.

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