Smartlook integration

Smartlook lets you record visitors on your website and app. When you integrate it with Piwik PRO, you’ll be able to access session recordings in Piwik PRO and view heat maps in Smartlook.

To install the integration, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Smartlook.
  2. Navigate to Account.
  3. If you don’t have a project with a website or app, create one.
  4. Smartlook integration for Piwik PRO.
  5. Navigate to Integrations.
  6. Select a project that you want to work with.
  7. Find Piwik PRO Integration on the list and click Generate API token.
  8. Smartlook integration for Piwik PRO.
  9. Navigate to Projects.
  10. Click Tracking code.
  11. Smartlook integration for Piwik PRO.
  12. Copy the code. You’ll use it in Piwik PRO in a couple of steps.
  13. Smartlook integration for Piwik PRO.
  14. Log in to Piwik PRO.
  15. Go to Menu > Tag Manager.
  16. Create a Custom asynchronous tag.
  17. In Tag HTML code, paste the code copied from Smartlook.
  18. Smartlook integration for Piwik PRO.
  19. Add an existing trigger: All page views.
  20. Click Save for the tag.
  21. Click Publish to make the tag go live.
  22. Now, your Smartlook integration is ready.
  23. If everything is working properly, you should find the playURL of the session recording in Piwik PRO Analytics > Session log report.

    Note: To view heat maps in Smartlook, navigate to Smartlook > Dashboard > Heatmaps >Add heatmap. Our integration uses a Smartlook’s tracking code, so you don’t need to set up additional tracking to see heat maps.

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