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Smartlook integration lets you connect your Piwik PRO Analytics with the Smartlook Heatmap and Session recording. With it, you can record all of your visitors’ actions on your website and then replay them at the later time. It’s very helpful when you want to learn about the regions of your website, where most focus is aimed at.

Our integration with Smartlook allows you to access heatmaps and visitor session recordings through the dashboard in Piwik PRO. For every event you will get a playURL with relevant recording.

If you don’t have a Smartlook account yet please use this link


For Piwik PRO users installation is quick and easy. Here is step by step guide:

1. Go to your Smartlook Account page and select “Add Website” button.

2. Type in URL of your website and click “Save”

3. Go to the “Integrations” tab in your Smartlook settings, select Piwik PRO Integration and press “Add button”.

4. Generate API token – Piwik PRO integration is enabled now.

5. Go back to “Sites” tab and copy tracking code of your website.

6. Log into you Piwik PRO instance and go to Tag Manager application tab.

7. Create new Custom HTML asynchronous tag.

8. Paste your Smartlook code as Tag HTML code.

9. Add “All page views” tag trigger.
10. Save your tag and publish changes

Congratulations! Your Piwik PRO and Smartlook Integration is now set up. You can test it by accessing your website and checking if session recording appears in Visitor Log of your Piwik PRO Analytics.


Enabling heatmaps is much easier than enabling recording. All you have to do is select “Heatmaps” tab from top bar of Smartlook.

After than just follow the instructions: Add Heatmap and type in name of webpage you want to track.

That’s it! Now you can get instant feedback on where goes the attention of your users, so you can take acton immediately and improve your retention.

PLEASE NOTE: Your heatmap will be available once there are at least 5 page views.

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