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The click path shows you a list of the most popular page sequences (click paths) that users visit on their way to a defined Goal. A Click Path report helps you to understand how users navigate and reach Goals by showing you which “paths” they followed on your website prior to a Goal Conversion.

Knowing what your visitors do on your website will help you make changes to your site’s content and layout, and to move a call to action buttons to better locations. This will not only improve the user experience, but it will also drive more users to convert.

This feature is especially useful if you operate an Ecommerce website or one that wants users to complete actions and conversions (like downloading a file or a signing up to your newsletter).

If your visitors are clicking through a large number of pages before completing a conversion, you can merge part of this journey into a single step. This additional aggregation helps you visualise the path your visitors take. In cases where you have thousands of products, the Click Path feature allows you to create a single step from a stage relevant to all of them.

Turn a click path feature on

To turn the feature on you need to go to left upper corner Menu, Account Settings and then from the menu on the left pick ClickPath, take a look how to do it step-by-step


ClickPath, like most of the other reports in Piwik PRO, requires an archiving process to finish before it updates the data. It also requires archiving to process any new changes applied in Click Path settings.


The Click Path report is available under the Goals tab. To view it, just click the Click path link at the bottom of the Goals page.

The report is available for all goals as well as for a specific goal that has been defined on the website (you can select a goal from the submenu under Goals).

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