NOTE: Please be aware that this method is only valid if you are not using the Piwik PRO Consent Manager. If you are using it, the opt-out settings will be ignored by Piwik PRO.

Embedding an opt-out snippet in your website’s HTML helps you respect your visitors’ privacy. There are two types of the opt-out snippets: domain and global ones. Assigning an opt-out snippet to a domain turns off all tracking tags within a given domain only. Whereas, a global opt-out snippet will turn off all tracking tags in all your websites  within your current Piwik PRO Marketing Suite instance. This will apply to all websites – even those created after generating an opt-out code.

To find the opt-out generator, follow the steps below:

1. Sign in to your Piwik PRO with your Owner account.
2. Click on the left upper corner Menu.
3. From the drop-down menu select Administration and then Platform.
4. Select the Opt-out generator.

<!-- Start Piwik PRO Tag Manager privacy opt-out code -->
<script>window['stg'] = window['stg'] || {};window['stg'].optedOutCheckboxText="You are currently opted out. Click here to opt in.";window['stg'].optedInCheckboxText="You are currently opted in. Click here to opt out.";window['stg'].isGlobal=false;window['stg'].instanceHostname="//marketing.piwik.pro";</script><div id="_stg_opt_out_iframe_content" style="display: none;"><p>You can choose to opt out of being tracked by all marketing and advertising tools installed on this website. Please, click below to receive an opt-out cookie.</p><input id="_stg_optout_checkbox" onclick="window.parent.storeUserOptOutPreferences();" type="checkbox"><label id="_stg_optout_checkbox_label" for="_stg_optout_checkbox"></label></div><script src="//marketing.piwik.pro/containers/privacy/script.v2.js">
<!-- End Piwik PRO Tag Manager privacy opt-out code -->

*This is an example of an opt-out snippet, so it will not automatically work for you

You can preview every opt-out template, by simply selecting the “Preview” tab:

Piwik PRO Consent Manager takes care of user consents deeming opt-out unnecessary.

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