Two-factor Authentication (2FA)

Security is one of the top priorities for us here at Piwik PRO. That’s why we decided to give our clients a possibility to use a two-factor authentication to additionally protect their Piwik PRO Marketing Suite.

If you’d like to use the feature just ask our support team to enable it for you. You can reach us via a chat box in the lower right corner of your PPMS or via email to Or if you’re a Piwik PRO on-premises client just reach out to your project coordinator.

As soon as the feature will be enabled and you’ll try to log into your PPMS instance you’ll be welcomed with the following screen:

This is the time to reach for your smartphone and install the Google Authenticator app from your app store.

Open your app and click the plus sign in the top right corner to add the QR code from the photo. Scan the code and your PPMS code will be permanently added to your authenticator.

Please note that the code will be changed every 60 seconds so you’ll always need to use a current one to log-in.

Now that your access has been added to the authenticator go on and type the code it provided to your Piwik PRO login window.

That’s it, you will now have to first use your password to log in and then provide the current authenticator code to get to your PPMS.

Please note that you will be displayed the QR code only during the initial log-in so if you’ll for some reason will be unable to generate the code (ex. you’ll uninstall the authenticator app) you will need to contact us again to reset your access and provide the code again.

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