Tracking 404 Errors with Unique Page Title and Page Reports

404 Not Found errors can hurt the User experience and even conversion rate. There are a few reasons why 404 errors are occurring:

  • implementation of the new website and the URL change – without correct redirections site will report Not Found errors,
  • disabling or deleting some pages without redirecting them to the new or corresponding ones, for example, old blog posts or unavailable products in e-commerce.

Tracking those errors is very important because we can easily correct them implementing proper redirections. The user will go to another page without even noticing. One of the ways how to track this matter is using unique Page title for 404 page and use it in segments. First of all 404 error page should have the Page title tag always the same, at least some part of it. For example on page when user gonna go to wrong URL Page title will be this:

Page not found – Piwik PRO:

That kind of configuration gives us the possibility to create a custom Segment based on this exact Page title. To do this we have to create a Segment where dimension Page Name is Page not found – Piwik PRO.

Thanks to this we will be able to filter all the wrong URLs in the Pages report and check how many times and when those URLs were hit by the users:

Now, we can go to the administration panel of the website and configure proper redirection to avoid exits of disorientated users.

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