Differences between Standalone and Analytics Suite

Piwik PRO Analytics Suite has more features than the previous version — Piwik PRO Standalone. Some features, plugins, or integrations are not being supported anymore, though. Here’s the list of differences between both products:

Feature Standalone Analytics Suite
On-site retargeting
GDPR-compliant Consent Manager
Customer data platform
Custom reports
Whitelabel plugin
Support for additional languages
Permissions for meta sites
Permissions for user groups
Organizations plugin
Password policy plugin
SAML integration
LDAP integration
Sharepoint integration
AdWords plugin
MediaPlayer plugin
RawDataExporter plugin
TrafficGenerator plugin
Platform report ✘ *
Log in with an email
Log in with a self-created login name

* A platform report is not available as a core report in Analytics Suite, but you can a custom report with platform metrics and dimensions.

To learn more about the migration, contact us at support@piwik.pro.

For more about migration, read also:

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