About migration to Piwik PRO Analytics Suite

Apart from the new Analytics and Tag Manager, Piwik PRO Analytics Suite offers Consent Manager and Audience Manager — tools that will help you manage and use collected data.

What’s new in Piwik PRO Analytics Suite

  • Analytics and Tag Manager help you to implement, manage and modify events, custom dimensions and variables with minimal technical expertise, by using a single panel. You can manage various Piwik PRO templates as well as third-party integrations in a hassle-free way for your websites, apps, digital products, and secure member areas
  • Consent Manager lets you collect visitor consents to respect user privacy and efficiently manage all data subject requests from one place. Your visitors submit all requests required by GDPR: data erasure, rectification, access, and portability. With Piwik PRO you can monitor all submitted requests, view individual visitor consent status and data subject request history from one place
  • Audience Manager helps you collect and combine data from different data sources, lets you create audiences and use them in other components of Piwik PRO Analytics Suite, as well as to export them to third-party advertising and marketing platforms
  • Custom reports will allow you to create custom reports as well as flexible report visualization and see results in real-time, you will benefit from maximum uptime, high server reliability, and no performance issues
  • As your security is our top priority, we’ve added two-factor authentication.

As we are constantly adding new features and improving the product. Check our changelog to see all changes.

What will you get after migration

  • Support for additional languages: As for today, there’s English and German version of Piwik PRO Analytics Suite, and we will be adding new language versions gradually
  • There’s no whitelabel available
  • Currently, there’s no option to define password policy
  • Changed API: To verify new API methods and for full documentation please check the developer’s website.
  • Plugins that were used in Standalone version (e.g. Organizations) are no longer supported

Details of the migration process

During the migration, you might not be able to access your instance. We will take the following steps:

  1. Create Piwik PRO Analytics Suite (PPAS) account.
  2. Enable maintenance mode.
  3. Prepare your database dump.
  4. Load your database dump to PPAS.
  5. Upgrade Analytics to the latest PPAS version.
  6. Migrate Analytics users to PPAS.
  7. Migrate Analytics websites to PPAS.
  8. Point your domain to a new data center endpoint.
  9. Replay Analytics request from the migration gap.

We will inform you once the migration is completed. You will receive an email from us with instructions on how to access your new Piwik PRO Analytics Suite instance.

Most likely, the steps are going to be as follows:

  • Use your email address to log in. You will need to reset your password – due to security reasons we do not migrate passwords
  • You will see your Analytics data coming to your instance – however, without switching your old Piwik PRO codes to new Piwik PRO Tag Manager codes, you will not be able to use modules other than Piwik PRO Analytics. Thus, in order to use other Piwik PRO Analytics Suite components, you would need to switch the codes on your websites
  • Verify new API methods for Piwik PRO Analytics Suite at http://developers.piwik.pro/.

If you have any questions about migration, contact us at support@piwik.pro

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