Does Chrome’s SameSite cookie policy influence Piwik PRO tracking?

On February 4, 2020, Google introduced a Chrome browser update called the SameSite update. This update requires website owners to label their third-party cookies, otherwise, these cookies won’t work properly in Chrome.

Does the SameSite update influence your tracking? No, it doesn’t. Here’s why:

  • Piwik PRO only uses first-party cookies, which are set in Chrome browsers without any limitations.
  • Starting from version 17.4.0, we add the SameSite=Lax parameter to tracking cookies. This tells browsers to only set these cookies when the website domain matches the cookie domain for same-site requests or top-level navigation. We also include the SameSite=Strict parameter for container cookies, which prevents sharing across different domains, even if they belong to the same business. This means our cookies are labeled not to be shared.
  • In versions below 17.4.0, we apply the SameSite=Lax parameter to both tracking and container cookies.

For more about Chrome’s SameSite cookie policy, read: “Cookies default to SameSite=Lax” and “Reject insecure SameSite=None cookies.”

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