Does Piwik PRO offer mobile SDK?

Piwik PRO is equipped with SDKs (software development kits) for Android and iOS. With each SDK, you can install a tracking code on your mobile app and start collecting user data.

Here’s a list of all our SDKs:

All our SDKs are designed to work and behave the same way, so you can follow the same strategy to implement them in your apps – no matter which technology you use.

Events you can track with Piwik PRO SDKs

As the first step, you’ll need to install our SDK on your app. This will set the communication between your app and Piwik PRO. As the second step, you’ll need to add tracking methods to your app. These methods will let you track events.

Here’s a list of events that you can track with our SDKs:

Basic events

  • Screen view: A user sees a screen in your app. Screen views are similar to page views on websites. When tracking them, you can analyze the number of screen views, the time spent on each screen and other metrics. Just remember that they’ll appear as page views in Analytics reports.
  • Download: A user downloads a file from your app.
  • Search: A user searches for something using your in-app search. 
  • Outlink: A user clicks on a link to an external website or app.
  • Content impression: A user sees an ad in your app.
  • Content interaction: A user interacts with an ad in your app.
  • Goal conversion: A user completes a goal set for your app.

Ecommerce events

  • Ecommerce transaction: A user buys something on your app.

Mobile events

  • Social interaction: A user interacts with social media using Like, Share or Comment.
  • App install: A user installs your app.
  • Exception: A user runs into an app error or exception.


  • Custom dimension
  • User ID
  • User email address

Audience Manager

  • Attributes
  • Audiences

Data anonymization in our mobile SDKs

Our SDKs anonymize user data by default because we follow a privacy-by-design approach. This means you can rest assured that as you collect data, you’re also respecting your users’ privacy.

When data anonymization is active, user IDs and IP addresses aren’t collected. Recognizing users across sessions is also imposible. Each time a user launches your app, they are treated as a new user.

For more about privacy in Piwik PRO, see our privacy-related articles.

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