Where can I find API credentials?

If you want to access API for the first time you need to generate your API credentials. It will allow you to request for a token that is used for authentication during communication with an authorized API.

To generate API credentials (API keys), follow these steps:

Available from version 16.0.0. For versions below 16.0.0, go to Menu > User panel > API credentials.

  1. Go Menu > Profile.
  2. On the left, click API credentials (API keys).
  3. Click Generate new credentials (Create a key). 
  4. Name the credentials and click OK.
  5. Copy the generated Client ID and Client secret. They won’t be available after you close this window.
    API credentials in Piwik PRO

    Note: Credentials are valid until they are deleted in the profile.

    Tip: Read more about our API in our Authorized API guide.

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