How can I protect reporting from spam requests?


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Sometimes, the tracker can receive spam requests from domains that do it for fun or attention. These requests clutter your reports and distort the data. To protect your reports from spam, you can choose to collect data only from known sites.

To collect data only from known sites, follow these steps:

Available from version 16.0.0. For versions below 16.0.0, go to Menu > Administration > Websites & apps > Exact match URLs when tracking.

  1. Go to Menu > Administration.
  2. Navigate to Sites & apps.
  3. On the left, select the site or app you want to work with.
  4. Navigate to Data collection.
  5. In Site or app address, type the address of your site or app.
    Site or app address (Administration)
  6. Scroll down until you see Filters.
  7. Turn on Collect data only from known sites.

    Note: When turned on, you’ll collect data only from sites with web addresses added under Site or app address

    Note: You can also set this option for the entire account under Administration > Settings > Global site & app settings > Data collection > Filters.

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