How can I remove the Piwik PRO container from my site or app?

If you want to remove the Piwik PRO container along with the tracking code from your site or app, you need to first find it in the source code and then remove it.

To find the container’s code in the source code, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Menu > Administration.
  2. Navigate to Sites & apps.
  3. Navigate to Installation.
  4. In Basic container (async), you’ll see the code installed on your site or app. Copy the code.
    Basic container (async) in Piwik PRO
  5. Search for the copied code in the source code of your site or app. And then delete it. Make sure it’s removed from all web pages.

    Note: You can also look for the site/app ID, as it’s part of the entire container code.

  6. All done!

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